The gorgeous of a gourmet feast which come from the insist quality and precious food.

Across the world's traditional gourmet, through histories, humanities and customs changed, to become a natural and unique flavor.

"Dashine Inc" devoted to developing special gourmet, material of food, well known foods ..etc. in around the world. We are join the gourmet industry with immense zeal, it is in order to satisfy customers demand. We used '' food" to pass on our warm and persist, realize the delicacies dainty knows no boundaries.

In the delicacies of paragon, Indispensable area specialties food, The farmer careful to breeding the pure breed, and Follow the traditional peculiar techniques to production…etc. Crossing the various of food, everyone are retain the beautiful story and unique. Finally, the most important is following the high-quality as the most fundamental basis to become Dashine’s high grade ingredients.

Our business model is covering restaurants, hotels, and retail. Products are diversity and excellent. They are from Europe, America, Canada, Australia, ...etc., it is provided chef could bring what he has strengths into full play. You will never know that wonderful workmanship of the gourmet how to pervasion in your tongue, you can feel the passionate, fascinating and charming. Each feeling will touch your heart -- It is our service purpose. Therefore, Dashine inc. become the chef's good partner. Dashine Inc. is innovative, proactive, strict, and professional, will be your best choice. Enjoy!!