Tartufi Jimmy

Tartufi Jimmy is headquartered in Pietralunga, Perugia, in one of the most typical corner of Umbria, north – east of the Tiber Valley in an attractive environment of vineyards, olive groves and oak woods. Tartufi Jimmy deals with all types of local Truffle, in particular the most valuable species respecting the ripening time: White Truffle, Black Truffle, Summer Truffle, Bianchetto Truffle, Uncinato Truffle and Moscato Truffle. Before proceeding with the sale or the manufacturing of the products, there is careful monitoring, done manually and a classification based on the shape, smell and grain.

Tartufi Jimmy manufactures a large range of Truffle – based products, which can make you taste at any time of the year all the sophisticated nuances of this spectacular fruit of the Earth. We have a wide selection of Pure Truffle, preserved Truffle, sauces, creams, condiments, cheeses, flavoured dressings, salami, pasta, rice and polenta.

The purpose from Tartufi Jimmy is to bring in your table products that are able to tell the story and the centuries – old traditions made of goodness and authenticity.